Pudgy Penguins™ Clipon Plush

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Style: Blue Overalls / Earmuffs
  • GET THE PUDGY PENGUINS CLIP-ON PLUSH! Adopt a new Forever Friend from the Pudgy Penguins clip-on plush line, featuring 6 clipable stuffed animal penguin plush toys.
  • COLLECT YOUR FAVORITE: Pudgy Penguin Clip-on Plush cute stuffed animal penguin with blue overalls and pink ear warmers. Have fun experiencing the digital and physical worlds alongside your Pudgy Penguins Clip-on Plush for boys & girls!
  • SOFT AND CUDDLY PLUSH TOYS! Each Pudgy Penguin soft stuffed animal is made from the softest and most cuddly materials, making the stuffed animal toys perfect for snuggling, or using them as plush pillows.
  • ADOPT A FOREVER FRIEND WITH A CERTIFICATE. Each toy comes with an official, scannable, redeemable code that unlocks a digital penguin customization using different trait boxes. That way you can obtain rare and epic traits and have a one-of-a-kind forever Pudgy Penguin registered to your name on the blockchain. You can even trade the traits on the Pudgy Penguin marketplace!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR COLLECTORS AND PUDGY PENGUINS FANS. This toy is perfect for anyone who loves Pudgy Penguins, making it a great penguin gift for kids or adult collectors alike. Looking for Penguin gifts, popular toys for kids, or even cute gifts for loved ones? You’ve come to the right place. Start your collection today!!

Discover the joy of shared experiences with Pudgy Toys! The Positive Penguins Clipon Plush offer a unique and fun way for families to connect and experience the digital and physical world intertwining. With 6 characters to collect, each pack includes one clipon plush and an official scannable NFT (forever friend adoption) certificate that enables a digital penguin customization experience. Your penguin will be registered to you until the end of times and immutable on the blockchain, bringing the fun and adventure to life! Show off your collection on a shelf or trade with friends, the possibilities are endless! Bring your family closer together and create lasting memories, physically and digitally, with Pudgy Toys!