Rarity Chart

Use this rarity guide to learn more about the emblem on your collectible or toy! Get ready to hunt and collect these iconic emblems!

Crown series

This emblem represents our crowned collection of Pudgy Penguins most notable, highly sought after hero characters. Rarest of them all!

Hatched egg series

If you find this emblem, inside the box you will discover an ultra rare digital trait to redeem in PudgyWorld. You are one of the few with this digital trait!

Fish Series

This emblem is for collaborations with other known brands and characters. There are very few in circulation. What an iconic emblem!

Medal Series

This emblem represents our retail exclusive release. These are scattered all over the world in limited batches to select key retailers.

PMI NFT Series

Our first ever mass market licensed Web3 toy line. It was featured in the first run of 100,000 Pudgy Toys ever made and have never been made again. This badge may also be blue.

Superstar Series

This emblem represents a collaboration between influencers, musicians, artists, and known content creators. These are super special!

Wizard Series

This emblem represents our most limited edition releases with extremely small quantities. These are almost impossible to find.